Embrace Your Primal Side

The future of our planets resources are in danger.  Our delicate and diverse ecosystem relies on a balance which has been disrupted by the abuse of carbon dioxide, methane, and chemical waste in our waters. All of this is threatening the extinction of many species, global warming, and water shortages. 

The indigenous people of our world are the only known civilizations that have proven sustainable living.  Our modern-day society is threatening their ancient native culture and values.  They are our teachers and examples; their preservation is vital to all of us.

Pangea Shop connects you to a world that will touch your primitive side and ground you through deep rooted cultural traditions that awaken the spirit.  We are dedicated to promoting indigenous cultures around the globe as well as support fairly traded socially and economically marginalized artisans and their community.  With a commitment to environmental responsibility, each piece brings economic opportunity that improves the lives of families around the world.