Embrace Your Primal Side

African Zulu Lulu Statue

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Primitive pottery figurines from Africa date back to around 500 BC. The earliest of which were the Nok statuettes made of terracotta clay, combining strong formal elements with a complete disregard for precise anatomy. Their expressive quality is what inspired our first ‘Collectable’, ‘The Dlamini. Our collection of ceramic angels have become collected by many and given away as a significant gift to someone special

Carrying things on the head is common practice in many parts of Africa and in celebration of this cultural norm, our Dlamini’s and Zulu-lulu figurines too typically carry a basket or symbolic clay ‘thought’ on top of their head. Often these naive creations atop expressive clay faces reflect the humor of the maker and raise a hearty chuckle in the studio.

Height: 18"
Length: 3"
Width: 3"

Handmade in South Africa