Embrace Your Primal Side
  • Safari Whiskey Glasses - Set of 4


    Art on a glass.  The combination of glass and pewter creates a contemporary and elegant display when serving guests.  Each glass is hand-blown in recycled glass with a detailed pewter design of Africa's most celebrated animals.

    Height: 4"
    Width: 3"

    Handmade in Africa

    Each animal carries it's own symbolic meaning:

    Giraffe- The understandings of the heart are addressed as well as the mind.  The giraffe uses strength and flexibility to align the physical, mental, and spiritual faculties of all situations.

    Elephant- Strength, royalty, patience, happiness, and longevity.  The trunk in an upright position is a powerful symbol of good fortune and is believed to protect from bad luck and stimulate prosperity.

    Lion- Power, strength, and majesty. 

    Buffalo- Power and endurance.